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Click to see a few more sunrise snapshots

The snapshots below are what you would see if you were to take a walk around our Park. It’s a very pleasant place!

Sometimes people call and tell us that our web site looks the same as it did the year before. We tell them about our current rates and then we assure them that the only thing that has changed about the Park is that our trees have all gotten taller! Check it out with the next few snapshots. Those on the right are from our original web site.


Back then, this was in a pot. It has been cut back several times and is still taller than our Office! Plants do grow well in Florida!

Continuing our walk around the Park...


Our bug control team is hard at work!

Click here to continue out the driveway and join me on a grocery trip!


Click to see the Clubhouse interior


Click to see the the bathhouse interior


Our Laundry Room and our small Exercise Room are located in the north end of the Clubhouse building.

Click to see the the Laundry interior

As we continue our tour, you can see that Orbit RV Park welcomes small pets! We do have breed and size restrictions, so call for more information! Dogs must be leashed, must socialize well, and YOU must pick up after them! We keep Milk Bones at the Office for our canine guests! Your dog will quickly be heading to the Office when out for a walk.


No tour of Orbit would be complete without a walk out on our fishing dock. From there you can sometimes see dolphins in the river. On this particular day, they were were not close enough for a really clear picture.

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